FROM:  Klaus Groh - Germany

very inspiring visual poetry with striking colours, a mixed media original set for the Zine in a Box project.
Thank you very much Klaus!



FROM:  David Dellafiora - Australia

happy happy to see all this goodies in my mail box...Kart 85 and Wipe 109...
full of great art and fun rubber-stamp works.
Many thanks David!

FROM: Antonio Gomez - Spain

awesome vispo collage for the Zine in a Box project.
Gracias a ti, Antonio, por todos tus fabulosos trabajos!
Thank you very much Antonio!

FROM:  Stefan Heuer - Germany

wonderful sending, great collage set for the Zine in a Box project and a beautiful collage
alteration book, a collaboration between Stefan Heuer and Susanna Lakner, on a vintage First Aid Manual. Fab!
above i show some of the pages.
Thank you very much Stefan!

FROM:  Eberhard Janke, Edition Janus - Germany

a very nice documentation of two past projects..not empty... and ...bookmarks.
and one add return to work on with the topic focusing on post-Mao China performing our own
Cultural Revolution altering the attached photo. very interesting!
Thank you very much Eberhart!



FROM: Christian Alle - France

amazing set of original abstract paintings for the Zine in a Box project  and manipulated
picture as postcard.
Many thanks Christian!


FROM: Chuck Welch, Crackerjack Kid - USA


very generous sending in a beautifully decorated envelope, btw love the Forevers eclipse US stamps and Chuck's yellow artistamps, the striking CoMix artistamps, and many other great extras...the Nothing Soup, the Prayer for Wold Peace card and the collage done using as stamp the insole of an old shoe, interesting...and many cool rubber-stamps.
Thank you very much Chuck!!

FROM:  Dame Mailarta - Canada

a set for the Zine in a Box and nice extras, including a fab artiststamp documentation of
the ongoing project -Dame's Portrait Palace-  http://damesportraitgallery.blogspot.com
and a cool envelope full of wonderful Canadian stamps!
Thank you very much Dame Mailarta!

FROM: EverArts - Netherlands

a performance artistamp set eating fresh herring like the Dutch, for the sPMATSzine project,
bringing a big smile to my face.
Thank you very much EverArts!

FROM:  Cascadia Artpost - USA

in Cascadia cool style a postcard with artistamps dedicated to Trump and Co.,
as Conan the Barbarian and the two-headed dragon...
Many thanks Jack!

TO: Christian Alle - France

toChristianAlle.NadaZero photo IMG_2322_zpsedjdnpfb.jpg

toto Nada-Zero

FROM:  Nancy Bell Scott - USA

magical piece of visual poetry, layers and textures to dive into like the waves of music hiding underneath..
love all Nancy's work. so eclectic and personal.
Thank you very much Nancy!