FROM:  Nancy Bell Scott - USA

Time Won't Tell

what a treat such an unexpected and fabulous surprise! Time Won't Tell..is an abstract work of collage,
 paint, ink and mixed papers that speaks wonders of the magic Nancy can make with her captivating and poetic style! love it!
Thank you very much Nancy!

FROM: Tiziana Baracchi - Italy

beautiful book/documentation for DiVino Celeste exhibition, run in parallel to the Biennale of Venice,
and held at the Garage N.3 Gallery of  Tiziana Baracchi and Giancarlo Da Lio
with an event that brought various performances and artists together.
from an idea of Piero Barducci to create a blue wine and invite many international artists
to design the etiquette, some of which can be seen above.
Thank you very much Tiziana!

links for pictures of the event:


FROM:  Sabine Remy - Germany

wow'nderful set of original collages titled Dada Is My Mother Tongue, theme portrayed
with another collage on the envelope too, made for the Zine in a Box project.
a fab leporello and a postcard all featuring the beautiful collages Sabine makes.
Thank you very much Sabine!

FROM:  David Dellafiora - Australia

awesome edition of the Field Report for 2016 celebrating Dada's centenary and MYA2016, move your archive, portraing Ubu Roi on the cover. a collection of many works from many international artists, some of which you can see above.
Thank you very much David!

FROM:  Lynn Skordal - USA

a fab sending full of colours...a set of original collages, titled Silent Queens, for the Zine in a Box project.
a postcard and another small beautiful collage on the bright envelope.
Thank you very much Lynn!


huge poster-like add and pass and two interesting old postcards from the 60's of Chicago.
Many thanks DADANAUTIK!


FROM: Miguel Jimenez, El Taller de Zenon - Spain

a very nice set of artistamps from hand drawings for the sPMATSzine project,
and a beautiful envelope.
Many thanks Miguel!


FROM: Sima Zdenek - Czech Republic




another cool edition of Breakthrough with some of the pages featured inside.
Many thanks Sima!